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Notes on certain recurring themes across my presence.

the motif

There isn’t much behind icyphox. A common explaination I like to give: I like the color of ice, and I like foxes; “icyfox” was taken, so “icyphox” was the next best thing.

I used to use shades of cyan (#00ffff) along with a cyanish black (#021012) in the past. You may have noticed this if you had visited this site a few years ago. My color choices have since mellowed down — or perhaps, I have matured. I stick to shades of black and gray for foregrounds, and a plain white background.

The fonts are set to serif, in this site’s CSS. You are viewing your local system’s serif font.

There were many iterations of the motif, but I finally settled down on the monochrome, silhouette-esque one. Naturallly, the motif draws inspiration from the fox.

The original design by nerdypepper:

the original design