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This website serves my mind, digitized.

This site is built using vite — a static site generator written in Go. The wiki index is generated using a shell script, with heavy use of bashisms. This script runs prior to vite, and preps the wiki index page’s markdown.

The blog is used as a space for my rants, long form writing and descriptions of my technical endeavours. This wiki is my personal logging system; a map of my mind. It is a work in progress, and is far from done, as of this writing.

Nearly all media content, barring some old images, are served from my file host at https://x.icyphox.sh. This is hosted on my Raspberry Pi, at home. If you notice slow image loads, this is why. At present, I have no plans to change this setup.

The source for this site is here.

I don’t care for analytics or statistics; I value your privacy. All content hosted on this site is available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. All source for this site is available under MIT.