Unicode text input in ZMK

A hacky interim solution using macros

As a highly cultured em-dash (over-)user, being able to type ‘—’ easily is very important to me. While waiting for zmkfirmware/zmk#232 to get merged, I’ve discovered a rather nifty workaround for inputting Unicode text. This method makes use of IBus and a ZMK macro.

Unicode input in IBus is done by typing Ctrl + Shift + U followed by the Unicode codepoint and then a Space or Return. Writing this as a ZMK macro, we get something like:

macros {
    uc_dash: uc_dash {
        label = "UNICODE_DASH";
        compatible = "zmk,behavior-macro";
        #binding-cells = <0>;
        tap-ms = <0>;
        wait-ms = <0>;
            = <&macro_press &kp LCTRL &kp LSHFT>
            , <&macro_tap &kp U>
            , <&macro_release &kp LCTRL &kp LSHFT>
            , <&macro_tap &kp N2 &kp N0 &kp N1 &kp N4 &kp SPC>

Where the numbers 2014 denote the codepoint for an em-dash. Set the wait-ms and the tap-ms to 0 to make it instantaneous—your keyboard will essentially type out the entire key combo really fast. The resulting keycode uc_dash can be used in any bindings field. I have it on a separate Unicode layer.

The unfortunate caveat is it only works where IBus works, and it doesn’t seem to work in Qt applications. Granted, I only really need it in my browser and Signal/Slack Desktop (Electron) so that isn’t a dealbreaker.

My ZMK config is here.

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