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Status update

New year…new stuff?

It’s only been a two weeks since I got back to campus, and we’ve already got our first round of cycle tests starting this Tuesday. Granted, I returned a week late, but…that’s nuts!

We’re two whole weeks into 2020; I should’ve been working on something status update worthy, right? Not really, but we’ll see.

No more Cloudflare!

Yep. If you weren’t aware—pre-2020 this site was behind Cloudflare SSL and their DNS. I have since migrated off it to he.net, thanks to highly upvoted Lobste.rs comment. Because of this switch, I infact, learnt a ton about DNS.

Migrating to HE was very painless, but I did have to research a lot about PTR records—Cloudflare kinda dumbs it down. In my case, I had to rename my DigitalOcean VPS instance to the FQDN, which then automagically created a PTR record at DO’s end.

I dropped icyrc

The IRC client I was working on during the end of last December--early-January? Yeah, I lost interest. Apparently writing C and ncurses isn’t very fun or stimulating.

This also means I’m back on weechat. Until I find another client that plays well with ZNC, that is.

KISS stuff

I now maintain two new packages in the KISS community repository—2bwm and aerc! The KISS package system is stupid simple to work with. Creating packages has never been easier.


Did you notice that yet? I’ve been curating a list of people I know IRL and online, and linking to their online presence. This is like a webring of sorts, and promotes inter-site traffic—making the web more “web” again.

If you know me, feel free to hit me up and I’ll link your site too! My apologies if I’ve forgotten your name.


Is this big news? I dunno, but yes—I now have a Patreon. I figured I’d cash in on the newfound traffic my site’s been getting. There won’t be any exclusive content or any tiers or whatever. Nothing will change. Just a place for y’all to toss me some $$$ if you wish to do so. ;)

Oh, and it’s at patreon.com/icyphox.


The Stormlight Archive is likely the best epic I have ever read till date. I’m still not done yet; about 500 odd pages to go as of this writing. But wow, Brandon really does know how to build worlds and magic systems. I cannot wait to read all about the cosmere.

I have also been working out for the past month or so. I can see them gainzzz. I plan to keep track of my progress, I just don’t know how to quantify it. Perhaps I’ll log the number of reps × sets I do each time, and with what weights. I can then look back to see if either the weights have increased since, or the number of reps × sets have. If you know of a better way to quantify progress, let me know! I’m pretty new to this.

Questions or comments? Send an email to ~icyphox/x@lists.sr.ht—my public inbox.

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