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Status update

Exams, stuff, etc.

This month is mostly just unfun stuff, lined up in a neat schedule — exams. I get all these cool ideas for things to do, and it’s always during exams. Anyway, here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

Blog post queue

I realized that I could use this site’s repo’s issues to track blog post ideas. I’ve made a few, mostly just porting them over from my Google Keep note.

This method of using issues is great, because readers can chime in with ideas for things I could possibly discuss — like in this issue.

Contemplating a vite rewrite

vite, despite what the name suggests — is awfully slow. Also, Python is bloat. Will rewriting it fix that? That’s what I plan to find out. I have a couple of choices of languages to use in the rewrite:

Oh, and did I mention — I want it to be compatible with vite. I don’t want to have to redo my site structure or its templates. At the moment, I rely on Jinja2 for templating, so I’ll need something similar.

IRC bot

My earlier post on IRC for DMs got quite a bit of traction, which was pretty cool. I didn’t really talk much about the bot itself though; I’m dedicating this section to detotated.1

Fairly simple Python code, using plain sockets. So far, we’ve got a few basic features in place:

That’s it, really. I plan to add a .nps, or “now playing Spotify” command, since we share Spotify links pretty often.


I’ve been reading some more manga, I’ll update the reading log when I, well… get around to it. Haven’t had time to do much in the past few weeks — the time at the end of a semester tends to get pretty tight. Here’s what I plan to get back to during this winter break:

I’ve also put off doing any “security work” for a while now, perhaps that’ll change this December. Or whenever.

With that ends my status update, on all things that I haven’t done.

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