Status update

Not weekly anymore, but was it ever?

I’ve decided to drop the “Weekly” part of the status update posts, since they were never weekly and—let’s be honest—they aren’t going to be. These posts are, henceforth, just “Status updates”. The date range can be inferred from the post date.

That said, here’s what I’ve been up to!

Void Linux

Yes, I decided to ditch Alpine in favor of Void. Alpine was great, really. The very comfy apk, ultra mnml system… but having to maintain a chroot for my glibc needs was getting way too painful. And the package updates are so slow! Heck, they’re still on kernel 4.xx on their supposed “bleeding” edge repo.

So yes, Void Linux it is. Still a very clean system. I’m loving it. I also undervolted my system using undervolt (-95 mV). Can’t say for sure if there’s a noticeable difference in battery life though. I’ll see if I can run some tests.

This should be the end of my distro hopping. Hopefully.


Yeah yeah, enough already. Read my previous post.

This website

I’ve moved out of GitHub Pages over to Netlify. This isn’t my first time using Netlify, though. I used to host my old blog which ran Hugo, there. I was tired of doing this terrible hack to maintain a single repo for both my source (master) and deploy (gh-pages). In essence, here’s what I did:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

git push origin master
# push contents of `build/` to the `gh-pages` branch
git subtree push --prefix build origin gh-pages

I can now simply push to master, and Netlify generates a build for me by installing vite, and running vite build. Very pleasant.

mnmlwm’s status

mnmlwm, for those unaware, is my pet project which aims to be a simple window manager written in Nim. I’d taken a break from it for a while because Xlib is such a pain to work with (or I’m just dense). Anyway, I’m planning on getting back to it, with some fresh inspiration from Dylan Araps’ sowm.


I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately. Finished Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari (till the latest chapter) and Another, and I’ve just started Kakegurui. I’ll reserve my opinions for when I update the reading log.

That’s about it, and I’ll see you—definitely not next week.

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