I’m Anirudh Oppiliappan, often found as icyphox (or sometimes just icy) on the Internet. I currently live in beautiful Helsinki, Finland and work for UpCloud as a Kubernetes Engineer. Below are a few things that interest me, and can serve as conversation starters for you:

Some of my links:

If you’re interested in hiring me—here’s my résumé.


Send mail to x@icyphox.sh or anirudh@oppiliappan.com. Should you need it, my PGP key:

FE1B 8FCF E6C1 6222 F157 1C8E 8A93 F96F 78C5 D4C4

I have both Signal and Session. If you know me personally, you probably already have my number for Signal. If not, here’s my Session ID:


I’m available on IRC as icy on libera.chat and rizon.net but I’m likely to miss messages as I don’t get notified. Use the above methods instead.


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