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Hi, I’m Anirudh.

I go by icyphox on the Internet. I’m doing my undergrad right now, majoring in CS. My primary interest is computer security, and more specifically — offensive security and digital forensics. I’m also a CTF player/security researcher at Sector443, an infosec community at my University. My blog has a few write-ups that you might want to check out.

In my free time (which I tend to have a lot of) I contribute to open-source projects like the Nim programming language. Take a look at my GitHub profile for more of my work. This website itself is built using vite — a static site generator written by me in Python.

Atmospheric/electronic metal subgenres are my jam. If it djents, I like it. My Last.fm should be self-explanatory. For those who didn’t click it: bands like Oceans Ate Alaska, I See Stars, Invent Animate, Make Them Suffer, Ice Nine Kills, etc.

Want to hire me? I’m down for freelance security work. Here’s my résumé.


My DMs on Twitter are open, so feel free to slide into them. Don’t use Twitter? Shoot me an email. If it’s something secret, here’s my Keybase.