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I’m Anirudh, but you’ll find me as icyphox (or just icy), on the Internet. I currently work as a Site Reliability Engineer at DeepSource.


Send mail to x@icyphox.sh. Should you need it, my PGP key:

FE1B 8FCF E6C1 6222 F157 1C8E 8A93 F96F 78C5 D4C4

I generally always reply within the day. Alternative means of communication, like my phone number, are only given out on a need-to-know basis.

Some of my links:

The only social media I actively use is the fediverse: https://toot.icyphox.sh/@x

If you’re interested in hiring me — here’s my résumé.

this site

This site is built using vite — a static site generator written in Go. The wiki index is generated using a shell script, with heavy use of bashisms. This script runs prior to vite, and preps the wiki index page’s markdown.

Nearly all media content, barring some old images, are served from my file host at https://x.icyphox.sh. This is hosted on my Raspberry Pi, at home. If you notice slow image loads, this is why. At present, I have no plans to change this setup.

The source for this site is here.

I don’t care for analytics or statistics; I value your privacy. All content hosted on this site is available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. All source for this site is available under MIT.