I’m Anirudh, but you’ll often find me as icyphox (or just icy), on the Internet. I’m majoring in Computer Science. My primary interest is security — with a focus on influence operations, information warfare and state-sponsored actors. I care about software freedom, privacy and freedom of speech.

My taste in music is very specific, and I hardly ever experiment. I like to stick to subgenres of metal, specifically — metalcore and deathcore.

Here are some of my links:

The only social media I actively use is the fediverse: https://toot.icyphox.sh/@x


Send mail to x@icyphox.sh. Should you need it, my PGP key: FE1B 8FCF E6C1 6222 F157 1C8E 8A93 F96F 78C5 D4C4. I’m also on IRC @ Freenode and Rizon, usually as icy / icyphox.

If you’re interested in hiring me — here’s my résumé.

this website

This site is built using a small static site generator written by me: vite. The source for this website is here.

I don’t really care about site traffic/analytics, and I never will; I am not interested in who is reading and I respect your privacy.

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