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I’m Anirudh, and I go by icyphox on the Internet. I’m doing my undergrad right now, majoring in Computer Science. My primary interest is security—information, operational and national. Tradecraft, espionage and military tactics interest me deeply, and I love discussing them.

I care about software freedom and digital privacy, and I am a staunch advocate of the same. I try to use free alternatives to software, if they exist.

I write code at times, begrudgingly. Take a look at my projects on GitHub.

My taste in music is very specific, and I hardly ever experiment. I like to stick to subgenres of metal, specifically—metalcore and deathcore.

Here are some of my links:

Note that my Twitter is now read-only. I’m more active on the fediverse: https://freeradical.zone/@icyphox


Send mail to x@icyphox.sh. It is also my XMPP address; please use OMEMO. Should you need it, my PGP key. Fingerprint: FE1B 8FCF E6C1 6222 F157 1C8E 8A93 F96F 78C5 D4C4. I’m also on IRC @ Freenode and Rizon, usually as icy / icyphox.

If you’re interested in hiring me—here’s my résumé.

I have Liberapay and Patreon! I don’t particularly need it, but it does help with domain and server costs. :)

This website

This site is built using a small static site generator written by me: vite. The source for this website is here. Built and served using Netlify.

The spinner icon at the bottom? That’s the XXIIVV webring, and this site is on it!

I don’t really care about site traffic/analytics, and I never will; I am not interested in who is reading and I respect your privacy.

All the content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (BY-NC-SA). The source for this site is licensed under MIT.






Some of my friends and internet bros.


More about me and my work.